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360 Degree Marketing Plan

For Brokers and Agents Who Want to
Grow Buyer and Seller Lead Generation

The ClicknSold™ Real Estate Marketing Program has been built over a period of 10 years by successful marketing agencies and real estate agents. With real estate research being done almost 100% online now, its crucial for real estate professionals to use digital marketing, social media, marketing automation and strong sales process to generate and nurture leads.

Harness the power of smart automation and informed digital marketing strategy to boost powerful Buyer and Seller lead generation. We streamline the process, nurture your prospects, and deliver to you only qualified hot leads. Never feel like you don’t have enough time for all your leads again. The ClicknSold™ Real Estate Marketing Program is the solution to the problems Real Estate Professionals face today.




Select Real Estate Project

Select a Project and Develop a Conversion Optimized Landing Page

Creation of ClicknSold Marketing Campaign

ClicknSold™ Develops Your DIgital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing/Sales Process.

Campaign Launch

Your campaign goes live and leads start being generated.

Lead Nurturing

Marketing Automation gets key information to the prospect in seconds and the lead nurturing begins.

We Turn Leads into Appointments

The ClicknSold™ team qualifies the leads, answer questions about the project and sets up appointments directly to your calendar.

Increase Your Real Estate Sales!

Meet your clients on the appointment date and get your clients their dream home or investment!

Learn how we can help you
find and keep more qualified
buyers and sellers


ClicknSold™ Super Powers

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    Powerful lead generation

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    Optimized Landing Pages

    We enhance, or create landing pages around your new big project. They are built to rank highly in search engines, collect information from users, and drive potential leads into the beginning of the sales funnel.

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    Results Oriented Ad Campaigns

    We create targeted ad campaigns to reach potential buyers at all stages of their buyer’s journey. What makes them so powerful compared to traditional marketing methods is that they are so measurable.

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    Enticing Content Creation

    We create content around your project that attracts, engages, and delights readers to turn them into your potential customers. Ultimately, these new leads translate into more buyers and revenue for your business.

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    Database Growth

    We collect your customers’ names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. and analyze the data. From the information, we refine your marketing efforts to create a personalized experience to constantly attract new qualified leads and further existing leads into become buyers.

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    Smart marketing automation

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    Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and turn them into customers. We make sending emails easy through automation. Emails with critical pieces of information are sent to your leads on a consistent basis to ensure they get the information they want when they need it.

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    SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing will allow you to directly connect with your prospects throughout their buying process. Our automation will allow you a hands-off way to send mobile-optimized ads and messages directly to customer inboxes.

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    Call Tracking

    Our call tracking tool enables us to see exactly how your customers are finding you creating a 360-degree view. This insight allows us to fine-tune your marketing strategy to determine what percentage of the calls are leads, and the overall the ROI of your marketing spend.

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    Appointment Scheduling

    Our tool allows your leads to easily book, reschedule, and cancel appointments without having to contact you. It also prevents double booking, over booking, or bookings during a time that’s inconvenient for you.

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    Proven lead nurturing

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    Marketing Funnels

    We create a start-to-finish marketing plan for each of your projects. Through every stage of the buyer’s journey, we implement and execute strategies to maximize the number of qualified leads passing through the sales funnel. This ensure that no sales are left on the table.

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    Text Concierge

    Our text concierge tool follows up leads automatically for you. It will prompt a sequence of messages which when replied to by the user, will be captured into the text concierge system and lead them towards setting up a meeting if they are qualified.

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    Industry-Leading CRM

    The CRM we use is specifically built for the needs of real estate agents. It will help you build relationships with your buyers, ensuring a greater level of retention and overall sales without you having to invest any of your time into the process.

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    Lead Scoring

    Our CRM and data collection enable us to create data points around demographics, interest-level, current place in buying cycle, and several other factors. This data is collected into our lead scoring system to rank leads in order of their sales-readiness so we can provide you with only the hottest of leads.

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